2011 Best of Beauty & Health: Chocolate Sun Cocoa Lite Sunless Enhancer Lotion

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When Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt first started researching for their book, No More Dirty Looks, they found hidden chemicals in just about everything, from their favorite lipsticks to their most trusted hair products.

But they shared with EcoStiletto the pleasant surprise of discovering that the active ingredients in most self-tanners, something called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), appear to be pretty innocuous. According to the authors, DHA is a sugar that interacts with the top layer of skin to create the appearance of a tan; it can be derived from natural things like beets.

Cool, right?

What’s not so cool is that most conventional tanning creams are also filled with a motley crew of dyes, synthetic preservatives, fragranceand a whole host of other nasties.

Spray tans are particularly obnoxious, not only for their Jersey-Shore stain, but because you run the risk of inhaling all of those awful chemicals in the process—as opposed to just absorbing them through your skin.

Luckily, there are amazing alternatives to get you through the dead of winter without looking like a ghost. Chocolate Sun offers a natural-looking tan without toxic chemicals; in fact, their ingredients read more like a grocery list, including coconut and jojoba oil, shea butter, and green tea extract.

Our fave? The Cocoa Lite Sunless Enhancer Lotion—featuring 92% organic ingredients—creates a subtle build that will not streak, but takes about three applications to really start showing.

But we natural girls prefer that to a hot orange mess, right?

The competition was fierce, but we found the best of the best in eco-beauty and health that remind us why we created EcoStiletto in the first place. With this slate full of amazing hair care, sun care,makeup and sunless tanning products—free of petrochemically derived crap—that work as well for you as they do for the planet, you’ve simply got no more reasons not to switch.

Source: ecostiletto.com

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