A Namas-Day in the Life of Jacki Carr


1) Name, occupation, company/organization you work for.

Jacki Carr

Goal Coach, Writer, Brand Consultant, Co-Founder of Rock Your Bliss

Goals on the Rocks, Rock Your Bliss, Seek Retreat

2) What’s a typical day in your life like?

I wake up admittedly after a snooze button or two.  I grab a delicious coffee and check my emails and other social channels to see what the world is up to.  My sweet terrier pup, Bear stares at me for long enough and we go for a morning walk.  My workday is truly different every day, however, most days are spent on the phone or Skype with clients all over the globe talking personal power and goal setting.  I meet with my Rock Your Bliss co-founder, Mary Beth Larue often to discuss our events and upcoming travel or retreats.  And my work with Seek Retreat keeps me dialed into the yoga community and connecting and sharing the mission!  I practice yoga and have just signed up for a ½ Marathon, so running is on my weekly schedule now!  Most days end with my fiancé and I snuggled up with a favorite show or book in bed.

3) How did you start your yoga practice?

The local Y-M-C-A in my hometown of Houston, TX was my first experience with yoga and at that time, I thought it was super weird and kind of nice.  When I really got into yoga was after college when I found it as my escape from the hectic days/nights of odd jobs in my early 20’s.  You know that time where you have no idea what you are doing, how you get there and what to do next?  The ability to breathe on my yoga mat was my ultimate escape from the outside world so that I could access a radical connection inside.

4) What do you love about Om Cocktails?

I love that Om Cocktails are organic and gluten free.  My favorite flavor is the Meyer Lemon Ginger and I mix it with a bit of sparkling water for the bubbles.  And let’s be honest, the bottle is beautiful, it is like alcohol and decoration in one.  A win win!

5) If you could meet anyone in the world, who would that be? Why?

I would love to high five, hug and fist bump Desmond Tutu.  He is a powerhouse, literally exudes love when I hear him speak, I am always smiling with him.  What he stands for and his voice for the World reminds me how to be a radical human being.

6) Brunch or dinner party?

I love a good dinner party surrounded by friends, delicious foods, wine and some type of dark chocolate dessert!

7) Favorite guilty pleasure?

Eating crunchy almond butter right from the jar with a spoon!

8) Mantra for your life.

You always, always have choice.

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