A Namas-Day In the Life of Mommy Greenest’s Rachel Sarnoff

Every two week’s on the blog, we’re featuring movers and shakers and eco-change makers. 


1) Name, occupation, company/organization you work for.

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

Journalist, Consultant & Sustainability Advocate



 2) What’s a typical day in your life like?

Because I work for myself, work changes every day—but it always starts the same way: Dark skies, hot tea, groggy kids and the preparation of three lunches and four breakfasts in 15 minutes.

3) How did Mommy Greenest come about?

When I was pregnant with my third child, I started consulting with the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World, which has helped parents reduce toxic chemical exposures for more than two decades. Up until that point, I thought of myself as a pretty “crunchy” mom—I fed my family organic food, frequented farmer’s markets, and recycled everything. But I really had no idea what an impact things like plastic and cleaning products had on my children’s health—and the health of all of us! My work with Healthy Child—where I became Executive Director in 2011—changed all that. I realized how easy it was to create a healthier environment for our kids—and how few parents knew the steps they could take. I created Mommy Greenest in 2007 to try and do my part to help raise awareness about those easy changes that we all can make.

 4) Best LA activity/attraction for a family day?

The beach! You can’t be cranky at the beach. And it doesn’t have to be super hot to enjoy it. I think the beach is best in winter, when the sun is shining but you still need a sweatshirt. It’s so quiet and beautiful, with the seagulls calling and the surf crashing… Grab a few boogie boards, sand toys, magazines and a picnic—there’s nothing better!

 5) Favorite flavor of Om Cocktails?

I love Meyer Lemon Ginger. That happens to be one of my favorite flavor combinations—in fact, my husband says my homemade lemon-ginger-honey syrup is why he married me—and this has just the right combination of sweet and sour. Yum!

 6) One piece of advice for aspiring bloggers?

Try not to get swept away by the stories of bloggers who made it their day job. If you have a story to tell or information to share, make the writing the important thing.

 7) Yoga pose you love?

Oh, there are so many to love! When I was doing my yoga teacher training, I focused a lot on hip openers, because I knew I wanted to teach prenatal yoga and those poses are so important in pregnancy to get you ready for birth. I learned so many different hip openers that I really hadn’t known existed! But my favorite is probably single pigeon. There is something so peaceful about just relaxing into that pose.

 8) How do you plant hope?

We plant hope through sharing information. The more information we have, the more empowered we feel. The more empowered we feel, the more we can make change happen.


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