A Namas-Day In The Life of Tania Reuben, the Pure Natural Diva

Organic Mixology (OM) is more than a spirits company. We’re a movement to inspire others to consciously celebrate and make a difference around the world. This month, we’re featuring a family focused, animal advocate with a passion for the beauty biz. Meet Tania Reuben, the Pure Natural Diva and founder of Pure Natural Diva Botanicals




1. Name, occupation, company/organization you work for.
Tania Reuben, Pure Natural Diva Botanicals.

2. What’s a typical day in your life like?
I’m pretty sure typical long ago disappeared from my life. That said, my “average day” is a complex juggle of family (my husband of 10 years, and 3 children), friends (I think I have 1 or 2 who still love me), critters (3 pit bulls, 3 fosters this year, 2 bearded dragons and 14 babies, plus 60 eggs incubating) and business that often involves late night work sessions (think 3 am) and lugging more heavy boxes than I ever imagined!

3. How does nature influence your business?
As a natural perfumer, my business couldn’t exist without nature.  We’re even thinking of getting bees.

4.  First flavor of Om Cocktails that you tried:  Wild Cranberry +Blood Orange.

5. What do you plant in your small garden? 
I’m a HORRIBLE gardener, but a few years ago I did put a raised garden in our back yard.  Right now we have tomatoes, red peppers, grapes, zucchini, and on my kitchen counter I started cucumber, kale & spinach – but I’m not that hopeful they’ll ever make it to the garden!

6.   Favorite thing about having your own eco-friendly, beauty brand/product line: 
Have you ever put on a cream that you loved, but didn’t like the scent?  A lotion that feels good for the first 5 minutes… then feels like you never put any on at all?  My favorite thing about having my own line is that I’m able to formulate and blend to my personal version of perfection – fortunately other’s seem to love what I love! What’s even better is the amazing feedback from our customers… when they love Pure Natural Diva and support the brand by making a purchase and sending in their positive feedback – it makes the late nights worthwhile and is beyond affirming.   It’s possible in the excitement that I do a happy dances.

To learn more about Pure Natural Diva Botanicals, visit www.PNDbotanicals.com 







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