A Namas-day In The Life of Tieka from “Selective Potential”


Did you know: Organic Mixology is Made in Michigan? We’re now available in our first store there too! So, to celebrate The Great Lake State, we’re featuring a Namas-Day in the life of a Michigan blogger! 

1) Name, Occupation, Company/Organization you work for?

Tieka, Blogger, Selective Potential

2) Who is your favorite local designer?

She’s not necessarily local, but I love Samantha Pleet. She’s based out of NYC, but has an amazing collaboration with local company, Wolverine Worldwide. Her clothing is earthly, romantic, and feminine. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her a few times – once in Grand Rapids – and she’s an absolute joy to be around.

3) What inspired you to create your blog?

Five years ago, I had lost 35 pounds… which prompted me to become interested in personal style and fashion. I did some research online, came across an article on fashion blogging, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

4) Heels or flats? Why?

Flats. I’m definitely a comfort gal. Plus, there are so many cute flats out there… so you can be stylish and comfortable. Best of both worlds!

5) What’s a style staple in Michigan?

Tights. I wear them constantly, even in summer sometimes! They save my winter wardrobe though, because I absolutely love to wear dresses and skirts all year round.

6) How would you repurpose our OM charm? (ex. napkin ring, hair tie, bookmark etc.)

I’d probably add it to a charm bracelet, or a vintage-gold chain to use as a necklace.

7) Cocktails at brunch or cocktails at dinner?

 Dinner. Along with dessert. 🙂

Follow Tieka and her exciting life of style and travel via http://www.selectivepotential.com.


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