Alicia Silverstone Launches a Vegan and Eco Friendly Makeup Collection

Alicia Silverstone has teamed up with Juice Beauty to launch her own namesake collection of makeup and skincare products. The five-piece lineup includes cleanser, moisturizer, and basic makeup items for a natural and healthy glow, Ecorazzi reports.
Alicia Silverstone, who is a vegan and an author of vegan cook book The Kind Diet, practices what she believes in. “This is who I am. This is not just something I’m slapping my name on. I would never align myself with something that I don’t 100 percent believe in. I think people count on me for that, and I take pride in that,” she says of the new beauty collection.Two years in the making, the organic line was a labor of love for the actress, but she made sure she created something she really liked. “I am a smell person. So, I was looking for a super yummy smell. I did so many smell tests, it was pretty funny,” she explains.Silverstone wanted to make the product appealing but also effective. “The texture is really important to me, too, and, obviously, the performance, but I was pretty confident in the combination of ingredients,” she says. “There is the clinical part of making it work on your skin. Once that part is handled, the fun part is the smell and the texture.”Karen Behnke, Juice Beauty’s chief executive officer, describes the actress as an “effortless beauty,” something that coincides with the brand. “The Juice Beauty girl is similar: quick and easy. They don’t want harsh chemicals, but they want to feel glamorous.”

The all organic collection includes a chamomile cleanser and a nourishing moisturizer for daily skincare. For a glowing and natural makeup, the set includes a berry-hued lip color, a multi-use facial highlighter, and a lightweight pressed powder. The makeup line is available at and Ulta.


Source: Heini Talip, The Daily Glow


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