Book Review: The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking

Austinite blogger Kate Payne’s new book “The Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking” (Harper Design 2011) is a fun and easy read for anyone looking to add a bit more fancy to their frugality and learn some simple DIY skills for “decorating, dining and the gratifying pleasures of self-sufficiency on a budget”.

The author tackles topics like simple hand sewing, bread making, canning, eco-friendly house cleaning, cooking, entertaining, gardening and fix-it projects around the home. Whether that home is a spacious bungalow or a tiny high-rise studio, it’s important to celebrate that space. As Payne writes:

“it’s cool to have a cool house. It’s damn gratifying to throw down a loaf of homemade bread with your own home-preserved blueberrry jam. Because feeling in control in your own house does wonders for every instance when you’re not under that sweet roof.”

This book would make a great gift for a wannabe domestic goddess (or god) looking for advice on how to outfit a first apartment or someone seeking to impress their friends with all their new found knowledge of how to reuse, revamp and recycle thrift, vintage and flea market finds.

Even a more experienced modern “homemaker” looking for fresh ideas and inspiration should certainly find something useful in Payne’s no-nonsense, straightforward guide filled with plenty of interesting projects, links and resources.


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