Green Jeanie: Nudie

nudie organic cotton jeans

Like the burgeoning “Slow Food” movement, born-in-Sweden, unisex Nudie Jeans’ “Slow Denim” approach embraces sustainable sourcing—in this case, a substantial percentage of fair-trade made, GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The ultimate expression of Nudie’s go-slow mission are its Dry Selvage jeans. Painstakingly woven on circa-1950s shuttle looms via a process that places far less stress on the yarn than modern high-speed weaving, selvage denim is super soft and ultra durable.

With all that loving labor involved, Nudie’s selvage jeans don’t come cheap; a pair of these truly remarkable, no-detail-overlooked, artisan-crafted jeans can run upwards (way upwards) of £174. But this dreamy vintage style is ever-so-sexy on the lads.

For the lasses—and at about £63 less—Nudie’s Italian-made High Kai Recycle Dry Navy jeans, made with 29% recycled cotton denim cast-offs that have been milled down and blended, beautifully, with 68% organic cotton, and 3% elastane, are a slightly more budget-friendly and exceptionally eco-friendly option.

Either way, these are killer eco-chic jeans featuring grainy texture and an ever-so-slight sheen that make them perfect for day-to-night wear.

What’s new in sustainable denim? From organic to recycled, we sussed out green jeans from Sweden to San Francisco: Nudie, Levis, Eileen Fisher and Sonas.


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