A Namas-Day In The life of Natalie Bovis


Meet Natalie Bovis, “The Liquid Muse.” Co-Creator of Om Cocktails. Today, Natalie shares a Namas-Day in her world of mixology, yoga, travel and fun!

1.     Name, occupation, company/organization you work for.

Natalie Bovis,  Mixology Consultant, Cocktail Book Author, Co-Creator OM Cocktails

Company: The Liquid Muse

2.     What’s a typical day in your life like?

My typical day begins with coffee, emails, and a morning hike or yoga class.  The rest of my day can include writing articles, doing spirits trainings for professionals and consumers, recipe development, or getting on a plane. In addition to launching OM Cocktails, I am the Western USA Brand Manager for Excellia tquila, G’Vine gin and June liqueur, so I visit a lot of cities with the various products.

3.     How do you enjoy your Om cocktails?

The concept behind OM Cocktails is to pour-and-serve.  Although I’m trained in mixology and have years of bartending experience, I love the convenience of simply opening the bottle and pouring a tasty, refreshing drink over ice.  We all have busy lives and sometimes its nice to indulge in a treat with minimal effort!

4.     How do you balance self-care and wellness in the spirits business?

I am passionate about this topic.  I started a facebook page called Zen and The Bartender, last year, hoping to connect with more bar professionals who face the challenge of navigating the spirits industry while remaining healthy and balanced in life. Bartending is a physically demanding job because the shifts often require 8 or more hours on your feet, plus carrying boxes of liquor and cleaning the bar after it closes.  Until someone has done the job, they really have no idea how physically demanding it is.  And, all the while, the bartender is expected to be smiling, friendly and fast.  Not to mention, even tradeshows and seminars involve tasting drinks, so balancing alcohol intake with healthy fresh food, exercise and lots of water is integral to longevity in the business.

5.     How has yoga helped you as a professional female in a competitive industry?

I didn’t consider myself a “yoga person” until a few years ago.  I had the impression it was boring and preachy. Then I found a class I really enjoyed, and a teacher who made it fun as well as enriching. I think that is the key to anything in life — fun and fulfilling.  Yoga helps me physically, mentally and spiritually because I have chronic back pain so it helps me strengthen and stretch those muscles.  And, it’s a chance to take a “time out” from the day to breathe, meditate and sweat.

6.     If you weren’t in the cocktails biz, what would your career be?

I love cooking, and love to bring together the kitchen and the bar, as demonstrated in my latest book Edible Cocktails: Garden To Glass.  I like to bring market-fresh produce to the bar and the kitchen, so I could see myself being a chef.  I also love teaching.  I have a degree in French Literature and a minor in Theater, so I could see myself sharing creative outlets with young people.

7.     How did you get into organic living?

I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so being in touch with the earth, nature, spirituality and environmentalism has always been part of my world.  When I got into mixology, I found ways to incorporate those principles into cocktails.  Starting in 2009, I taught The Liquid Muse Sustainable Sips® organic cocktail class around the United States in cities such as New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago.  People everywhere love the idea of healthier eating and drinks.

8.     This rule of bar etiquette must not be broken ________________.

Have fun, and leave attitude at the door.

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