Party Like A Veganista: Chocolate Martini

Vegan Chocolate Martini

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but there are still plenty of opportunities this season to feel the love. This martini recipe from Food Network’s Gina and Patrick Neely is one of them; we vegan tweaked it by substituting soy creamer for half-and-half, and opting for organic vodka and cocoa powder.

Death by Chocolate Martini

Organic cocoa powder, for rimming 2 parts chocolate liqueur (organic if you can find it) 1 part organic vodka 1 part soy creamer

Add a few tablespoons chocolate liqueur to a small plate. Add a few tablespoons cocoa powder to another small plate and whisk briefly to break up the lumps. Dip the rim of a martini glass into the liqueur then into the cocoa. Stand up to dry and set aside.

Add the chocolate liqueur, vodka, and creamer to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake for a good 20 seconds. Pour into rimmed martini glass.

Serving to more than just one? Choose cups that say “compostable,” like the ones we found at Branch Home. They may not be as pretty as glass, but they’re a whole lot better for the planet than plastic. Sustainably made from PLA (polylactic acid, or Polylactide), a biodegradable polymer that comes from corn and other 100% renewable resources, they’ll compost quickly and safely in a municipal or commercial composting facility—not in your guest’s hands.

It’s one thing to commit to a cruelty-free life; it’s another to require guests to do the same—even if just for an evening. So how do you throw a party without putting them on the defensive? It’s simple, says Brian Worley, a ridiculously popular event planner who regularly makes the rounds on E! and TLC, among others, and has recently noticed an uptick in requests for vegan party fare: Don’t tell them. We found recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts and—of course—drinks that will please the most discerning palate. When you’re ready to explain the theme, use the conversation as a way to talk about how much plant-based foods your guests already eat, and how shifting to more of them can be a healthier choice—for them and for the planet.


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