Plan Your Eco Event: A Namas-Day In The Life of Gabrielle Norton

The holiday season is starting! Halloween kicks off the most celebrated time of year–one where we attend events with friends and family as well as host events at home.

Whether you’re planning an eco-friendly wedding or a simple cocktail soiree, this Namas-Day in the life feature includes some tips from a planning pro! Read what the founder of ‘Cause We Can Events has to share to ensure your next event is well thought out and fun. 

1) Name, Occupation, Company/Organization you work for?

Gabrielle Norton, Founder & Event Planner at ‘Cause We Can Events

2) When it comes to events, what are the top 3 sources of environmental waste?

Great question and the answer will be based on my personal opinion of what I have seen. Trash is up there for sure whether it’s food waste or people throwing out their decor at the end of the event. There is so that could be recycled or reused. If allowed, I try to take some home and turn old vases into my next eco chic craft project! Water is a big one too. The caters use a lot of water when they are running a kitchen and catering an event for hundreds of people. Plus, a lot of wedding offer water bottles at the end of the night which get left all over the place and add to the trash pile.

3) Favorite fall wedding venues in LA!

You can’t go wrong with an outdoor wedding in LA. My all-time favorite is the South Coast Botanic Garden, you don’t even feel like you’re in LA anymore. For a beautiful indoor setting, Terranea Resort & Spa is stunning with their ocean views, outdoor patios with cozy fireplaces and warm indoor ballrooms that are perfect for a fall wedding.

4) Open bar all night, cash bar or be your own bartender?

BYOB! And by that I mean, Be Your Own (certified) Bartender AND Bring Your Own Booze. If your venue allows you to bring your own alcohol, by all means do it! It’s less expense and you get to choose what you want to serve your guests. I would want to use something like Organic Mixology to keep the event green, organic and Eco Chic.

Tip: Make sure the bartender you bring isn’t a guest at the wedding, that NEVER ends well!

5) Every table should include________:

Greenery and candles. That’s all you really need to transform a table from boring to wedding-worthy. I say greenery instead of flowers because we’ve seen amazing centerpieces made of succulents, dried flowers and even grass! Candles always add a little romance to the table. If your venue won’t allow real candles, swap them out for electric and just invest in nice one will notice!

6) Favorite fall flavor for food (inclusive of dessert).

For me, nothing beats a good squash. Don’t get me wrong, pumpkins are amazing but they’ve had their time to shine over the years. I am newly in love with butternut squash, zucchini and acorn squash. The recipes are endless for these guys. From soups to pestos and desserts, they just taste like fall and their colors are so beautiful that they can be used to decorate buffet tables at a fall wedding.

7) Don’t forget the ___________________.

Clean up committee! This might not sound very exciting but the last thing you want to think of when you’ve partied and danced for 6 hours in heels is “oh great, now I have to clean up this beautiful mess!”. Assign a few key family members or friends to gather up all the reusable goods for you and have them bring them to your house the next day or donate to your wedding planner (trust me, I LOVE when couples give me their vases!). You deserve a stress-free evening with your new husband or wife 🙂

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