What’s A Namas-Day In The Life Of a Community Marketing Director Like? You’re About To Find Out

Community! It’s one of our favorite words at Organic Mixology. We work hard to positively impact our community while also creating our own community of #PlantHope, Organic Mixology enthusiasts which is why we’re ultra excited to introduce you to Devon Craig! In this Namas-Day In the life feature, Devon shares some wise words for conscious brands and event hosts alike. 


1) Name, Occupation, Company/Organization you work for?

Devon Craig. I’m the Community Marketing Director at EP Global Studios in Beverly Hills.

2) The most important aspect of any event is ________________________.

Engagement and synergy. How do you create a truly unique experience that evokes the exact emotion and feeling that you were aiming for? How do you get people to connect and build relationships and conversations outside of the four walls of that room?

3) How do you balance work+play+giving back?

When life transcends work, and work transcends life, you’ve found that really sweet spot. My goal on a daily basis is to aim for that space, and continue to look for areas of opportunity to be of service. I always try to volunteer, help where I can, and give back to my community. You just never know how much your actions may impact someone.

4) When it comes to your cocktail style, do you prefer a martini glass or mason jar?

I’ve always been one for aesthetics, so either contingent upon my mood and the occasion!

5) Favorite thing about Organic Mixology?

My favorite thing is the deeper intention that is brought into every facet of the brand. From the Million Tree Mission, to that gorgeous eco friendly bottle; Organic Mixology is amazing.

6) What do you love most about nature?

It allows me to connect to something so much greater than myself. I find space, possibility, and inspiration. I’m an avid hiker, (especially when it comes to full moon night hikes) and it is my way to tap into source.

7) Best piece of advice for conscious business owners and brands?

Be authentic and real. ESPECIALLY in the conscious space. Conscious business owners and brands have such a unique opportunity offer up something more dynamic than the conventional brand, and to do it collectively. I’m all for adapting to new trends and identifying areas of opportunity, but those choices always have to stem from a place of integrity.

Well said Devon! To keep up with her events, adventures and more, follow Devon on Instagram. 

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